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            Everything About GED Prep

            We help students find the best GED® prep classes and schools and testing centers, and we also offer free online classes for your GED preparation.

            You can check your knowledge with our free practice tests. These online classes and practice tests are powered by Covcel-GED prep.

            The Covcel courses are designed by master teachers and Ph.D. students from top universities.

            The most effective way to be certain that you will successfully complete the GED exam is to be well prepared.

            Here you can find a huge lot of information about preparation, regulations, and a lot of other useful resources such as free practice tests to help you pass the four GED subtests fast.

            The GED exam is entirely computer-formatted and reflects the needs and requirements of industry and higher education in a more appropriate way. Testing occurs at a level that compares to that of high school graduates.

            Not every state continued to use the GED for its High School Equivalency testing program.

            Some switched to the TASC™ or HiSET® alternatives which are available both on paper and on a computer in most states. More and more states are offering multiple options for the purpose of high school equivalency testing.

            Explore Our GED Prep


            Overview of the GED test

            The latest edition of the GED exam is really more than only a set of four tests. The GED program is highly flexible and interactive. You can take the exam in English and Spanish but bear in mind that you must take the four subtests at an official GED testing center, there is no GED testing option over the internet!

            The GED exam includes four subtests (or modules) in Literacy (Reasoning through Language Arts), Science, Math (Mathematical Reasoning), and Social Studies. The HiSET and TASC exams come with five independent subtests as the Literary part includes separate writing and reading modules.

            The latest editions of the GED high school equivalency exam is fully computerized and developed from the ground up.

            The program focuses more on the skills and knowledge needed in modern workplaces and colleges: critical-thinking and problem-solving skills. But there are more benefits: the GED test is now aligned with National and State College- and Career-Readiness Standards, you can see your scores on the same day as testing, and the GED test is much more flexible than earlier editions.

            You can take one (or more) of the four subtests (or modules) at a time. So you have the freedom to prepare for one section, pass that module and move ahead to the next part.

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